Boot Camp

For Fall 2019, there will be a campus-wide new graduate student orientation on Sep 10-11, 2019, and BISB bootcamp on Sep. 16-20, 2019. There may be additional orientation activities before or after that, TBA. The info below is from 2018.

Fall 2018 orientation activities:

Sep. 12 Campus-wide new graduate student orientation
Sep. 14 Campus-wide new international graduate student orientation
Sep. 17-21 BISB boot camp (schedule) in the Medical Education and Telemedicine Building (MET)
Sep. 20 BISB Social at Martin Johnson House
Sep. 25 Campus-wide ASE orientation for new TAs (for BISB, usually applies to 2nd-3rd year students, not incoming students)
Sep. 25 BISB Exchange in PFBH (Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall) Auditorium


The week-long boot camp for incoming first year students of the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Graduate Program aims to:

  • Introduce new students to the Program, its faculty and students, the courses, and research opportunities.
  • Foster student community and collaboration among students of the first year class, and to students in upper classes.
  • Convey the bar for the core curriculum and key classes, as well as the research excitement and work ethic characteristic of the program's best students.
  • Provide incoming students with an opportunity to remedy deficiencies prior to taking the core classes.

In addition to boot camp, new graduate students should also attend the Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Exchange, and various campus-wide orientations:

  • New Graduate Student Orientation (mandatory for all new graduate students)
  • International Student Orientation (mandatory for all new international students). Follow the link for information on registering and what to bring.
  • TA orientation and training:
    • ASE orientation for new teaching assistants (if doing a TAship that school year; other programs have TAships in the first year, but for BISB, this usually applies to 2nd-3rd year students)
    • The Teaching and Learning Commons previously had a TA orientation right after the ASE orientation, but as of Fall 2018, it does not seem to be occurring and details on what replaces it have not been announced. However, the Commons has many workshops and other programs available for graduate student TAs.